Full Head Colour

Full Head Colour at Lara Boot Hairdressing
Looking for classic, full head colour? At Lara Boot Hairdressing we can help you achieve perfection with a full head application. And you’re sure to be wowed by our extensive range of stunning colours.

We’ll take you though the colour options available to you so that we understand exactly the style and colour you’re going for.

Full Colour Roots
Roots starting to show through? Keep your colour looking amazing with a full colour roots application.

We’ll analyse your regrowth areas and apply colour on any regrowth areas on the scalp where roots are showing through. This will help your colour style last much longer.

Roots and Refresh
If your roots are showing through we can apply colour coverage to regrowth areas, and to help brighten and freshen up your colour we can apply a colour refresh to tips too, for a great roots and refresh application.

We’ll analyse your regrowth areas to determine how much colour application is required for roots. We’ll then run some colour through the tips of your hair to give your colour a born-again, fresh look!

Choose from our team of stylists, with prices depending on experience.

To book your colour service, please call the team on 01604 259345 or click here to book online.


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