Adding colour to hair gives you the freedom to explore a rainbow spectrum of opportunities. Our colour wall is an artist’s palette of vibrant hairstyles. And the combinations we can create are endless.

Whether you’re looking for a bright, platinum blonde, a rich, dark colour treatment or something that blends light and dark with a foils highlight process, we’ve got your hair covered.

We love exploring the connection between colour and cut that helps to create interesting styles.

  • Bleach and Toner

    Bleach and Toner
    Let us help you achieve your bleach blonde hair with our bleach and toner process at Lara Boot Hairdressing. We’ll tone in the perfect blonde.
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  • Full Head Colour

    Full Head Colour
    Our full head colour application helps to create a shine that will transform your hairstyle. We’ll consult with you on your next colour project.
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  • Colour and Foils

    Colour and Foils
    We can give you a full head colour with a burst of striking highlights. The combinations at Lara Boot Hairdressing are endless!
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  • Full Head Foils/Meche

    Full Head Foils/Meche
    If you’re looking to add some colour pieces or highlights, our full foils/meche process adds selective colour exactly where you want it.
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  • Full Colour

    Full Colour (Roots)
    Roots starting to show through? Let us apply a colour application to your regrowth areas to get your style looking great again.
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  • Roots and Refresh

    Roots and Refresh
    If your roots are showing through we can apply colour to regrowth areas, and whilst you’re with us we’ll also apply colour to tips for a colour refresh.
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